We Fancy Dad Hat (Discounted)

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The Original We Fancy Dad Hat. (Discounted)

Made from high quality black cotton with a super soft & smooth unstitched faux leather brim and matching top button. The We Fancy logo is embroidered in white thread over a semi-thick padding giving intense definition to our brand name.

The rear fixture is a velcro design so it's adjustable to a range of sizes.

What is a lemon?

As with any manufacturing endeavour, some products will come out as lemons. Lemons are products that do not meet the expected standards of the original design.

Things like tiny creases where there shouldn't be any, folds in the faux leather, and small problems with the stitching on the logo, etc. 

While not noticeable from a distance, it would be unethical for us to sell these at full price.

Instead of throwing them away, we've decided to offer these products at a discount to those who don't mind the minor faults and still wish to own a We Fancy Dad Hat.

Unfortunately we cannot indicate the exact issue(s) which relate to each and every product. They will just contain one or more of the previously mentioned faults.

These hats will come with no box, & no perks.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of B-Grade items being unique, we can only offer them on a first come - first served basis. It is possible that we may run out of stock very quickly.

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