We Fancy Snapback (Original)

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The Original We Fancy Snapback.

Made from high quality black cotton with a super soft & smooth unstitched faux leather brim and matching top button. The We Fancy logo is embroidered in white thread over a thick padding giving intense definition to our brand name.

"It's so thick you can rest your finger on it." - Haeppy

The rear fixture is your usual 7-hole snap design so it's adjustable to a range of sizes.
As a finishing touch, each hat is accented with it's own holo We Fancy sticker, on the brim top and center.

Like all great products, the packaging is no afterthought. A heavy set textured European-Imported Premium Designer black paper covered storage box, lined again internally in all black and closed with strong magnetic fixtures.
On top is the We Fancy logo printed in silver to finish off our signature product.

Everyone who's held, worn, and felt the quality of our product has been impressed & has appreciated the love and care we've poured into it.

We hope you will too.

Want PERKS with that?

  1. Up to 24 hour Early-Access to most videos from We Fancy YouTube channel so you can watch and leave your comments before the casuals can. Forever.

  2. Variable discounts on all future We Fancy merchandise.

  3. Priority early-notification for preferred seats in future meet-and-greets and other events.

  4. Haeppy and Xander's special love.

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